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September 2015



If you’re applying for a graduate scheme, read Rosenblatt’s Ultimate Guide to Graduate Scheme Applications first & put your best foot forward.

Applying for graduate schemes can be stressful. They are some of the most hotly competed for jobs, and with good reason. Graduate schemes offer training, prestige and a foot-in-the-door at a high-profile company.

When you’re applying for a graduate scheme it’s important to turn that stress into adrenaline and make sure that you produce the best quality application you can. When several hundred people are applying for a few select places, even the smallest grammatical slip-up could mean the difference between getting an interview, or your application ending up on the scrap heap.

Job applications are never easy and it can often be hard to know where to start. You might spend days agonising over a single sentence. Or, in a fit of panic decide to reuse an application that you’ve used before.

To help people who are feeling the pressure as they’re filling out applications, Rosenblatt have written The Ultimate Guide for Graduate Scheme Application. We go through all of the important things you need to consider and all of the little details which companies will be looking out for. We outline how you should prepare for the application, the research which you will need to do; how to plan and focus yourself as you complete it; and what you need to check before pressing ‘Send’. If you’re thinking about applying for a graduate scheme in law – why not take a look at the Rosenblatt Graduate Page? We accept a select few graduates on to our scheme every year and invite them to hit the ground running in a city law firm where they will be fully involved from day one.

The deadline for vacation placement and training contract applications is 29th February 2016.

Applicants should apply for both a vacation placement and a training contract at the same time. Our training contract assessments are conducted at the end of the vacation placement week so it is vital that you complete the application for both.

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