Iran: Commercial
Opportunities and Potential

Please join us for this seminar at our offices when we will be discussing Iran, the cross-sector opportunities from which a wide range of international investors may benefit, legal issues and practical suggestions on doing business there.

This event will address some of the possible opportunities following the lifting of sanctions.

Neil Sampson, has been a partner of Rosenblatt since 1994 and has broad portfolio of expertise dealing with domestic and international corporate, commercial and property transactions . Neil is particularly experienced in Chinese business and is actively working on cross border matters as a result of the One Belt One Road initiative in China which includes substantial interest in investment in Iran.

Andreas Schweitzer is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Arjan Capital Ltd an Iran focused merchant house providing legal, financial and industrial advice and support to EU and Swiss companies coming investing in and trading with Iran. Andreas is an advisor who does what he preaches and has personally invested in the renewable energy sector in Iran and has interests in many other sectors.

Thursday 22nd September
08:30 - Registration & Breakfast
09.00 - Start
10:30 - End
9-13 St Andrew Street,
London EC4A 3AF

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