what is it like working here

Find out what our partners, lawyers and trainees have to say about the culture and opportunities at rosenblatt.

What is it like to be a trainee at rosenblatt?

Trainees are an integral part of the firm, they work very closely with partners and associates –
they get their hands dirty with proper work.

- Anthony (Training Principal)

What are you most excited about joining the firm?

The fast paced, hardworking life of a lawyer.

- Verity (Future Trainee)

What are you most excited about joining the firm?

I like the fact that you get the opportunity to work with the big clients at a very early stage.
Whereas, if you go to a bigger firm, one of the magical circle firms, you’re pushed under the covers.
I wanted to train somewhere where I could be a person that everyone knows my name.

- Elliot (Future Trainee

What's the best thing about being a trainee at rosenblatt?

It is great coming to the office and working with your mates – it’s a really good aspect of the firm.

- George (Current Trainee)

How did you find the recruitment process?

Very friendly – the telephone interview was very relaxed. And when I actually got to the vacation scheme I felt very welcomed into the firm.

- Verity (Future Trainee)