What Are We Looking For

A focus on personal impact, entrepreneurial drive, and problem-solving skills are three aspects we look for in our trainees.

Find out what our rosenblatt team have to say…

When selecting future trainees, what qualities do we look for?

Somebody with the right expertise. You need passion and fire in your belly to launch your career in the wide world of law.

- Ben (HR Assistant)

What is the firm looking for when selecting future trainees?

Successful applicants are those who come across as well-rounded individuals, who show commitment to law,
have experienced life and have a range of different hobbies!

- Nikki (HR Manager)

Why would you recommend training at rosenblatt?

Training at rosenblatt is amazing, it’s very fluid and adaptable with the candidate. The training adapts to the individual person.

- Elizabeth (Partner)

What advice would you give to someone applying to rosenblatt?

Research the firms, because there are some very different environments out there.
Think about what is important to you; the type of law? Trainee intake? Whether there are international offices?
Make sure the firm you choose, is the right firm for you.

- Nikki (HR Manager)