Hints & Tips

  • Apply early and apply for a vacation placement

    We carry out our main training contract assessments on our vacation placements. As a result, we would strongly encourage you to apply for a vacation placement, as well as a training contract, before the 29th February 2016 deadline. We cannot guarantee that there will still be places on our training contract available after the vacation placements are completed. A vacation placement also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and to make an informed decision as to whether rosenblatt is the firm for you.

  • Targeted approach

    Application forms take time and the process is competitive so do not waste your time applying to organisations that you know nothing about. Consider what is important to you (e.g. location, size of firm and practice areas), carry out your research and target the firms where you actually want to work.

  • Keep positive

    Don’t be disheartened when you receive knock-backs. Law is one of the most competitive professions. If you believe you have got what it takes: always listen to advice, keep building on your experience and apply to firms where you will fit in.

  • Show us what you’re about

    Generally, the candidates that are successful in securing a telephone interview have managed to demonstrate a range of skills in a variety of contexts. They also stand out as being well-rounded, interesting individuals that would socialise well with clients and employees alike. So don’t be shy. Tell us why we should employ you.

  • Attention to detail

    It goes without saying that simple grammatical and spelling mistakes do not impress. So take the time to proof read and spell-check your form. It is obvious when you have cut-and-pasted your answers from other applications, so it is worth making the extra effort to tailor your application. It will not go unnoticed.

  • Less is more

    We do not need to know the name of your sister’s dog or how many sections there were in your dissertation. Structure your answers, keep it relevant and be concise.

  • Work experience

    There is no substitute for first-hand experience. Even a day shadowing a lawyer can assist you in deciding whether it is the right career for you. It also demonstrates that you are committed and interested in a legal career.

  • Hard work

    There is no denying that competition for training contracts is fierce. Whilst we take a more pragmatic approach to screening applications than many firms, we will always favour those that demonstrate that they are hard-working and have the necessary academic abilities.

  • Preparation

    There is nothing worse than hearing someone try and fit a pre-prepared answer to an inappropriate question, but it is obvious when someone has not prepared. Do your research, consider potential interview questions and use your careers advisory service.

  • Follow instructions

    Listen to the requirements of each exercise and follow the instructions clearly. If you are given a specific timeframe – it is for a reason.

  • Psychometric tests

    Whilst each psychometric test is different, there is no excuse not to use the vast array of practice resources available. Choose an appropriate time and location to carry out your tests as interruptions will affect your results. Work through each question as quickly as possible, without compromising on accuracy.

  • Be yourself

    We are not setting you up to fail. Relax, be yourself and you might find you actually enjoy it!

  • Ask questions

    There is no better time to find out what it is really like to work at the firm. Talk to people and ask questions. This will help you make an informed judgement as to whether it is the right environment for you.

  • Use your initiative

    It’s a busy environment and people may not always be able to involve you in what they are doing. But, if you offer your help elsewhere you may be given the opportunity to assist with something really interesting. We wouldn’t offer you a placement if we didn’t believe in your ability – but it is always those that go the extra mile and use their initiative that impress us most.