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Vacation placements

If you have completed your degree, or are in your final year of a non-law degree or your second year of a law degree, you are eligible to apply for a vacation placement. You should apply via our online application form once the application process opens on 1 October 2015. For further information please consult our vacation placements section

If you come across well on your application form you will be invited to have a short telephone interview with a member of our HR team. Those who are successful in the telephone interview will also be asked to complete our online psychometric tests prior to attending a vacation placement.

We normally offer 24 placements but this may vary depending on the business requirements each year.

The summer vacation placement lasts a week and you can expect to be busy. You will be placed in one of our departments and integrated into the firm’s daily activities alongside partners, fee-earners and trainees. You will be asked to assist with real-life work to give you a flavour of the tasks our trainees complete. There will also be an opportunity to meet our trainees more informally over lunch and through an external social event.

At the end of the week, you will be formally assessed for a training contract.

You will be asked to complete a range of exercises ranging from a presentation and interview, to written and group exercises. You will be given full instructions in your placement induction and there is nothing you need to prepare in advance of the week’s placement.

You will receive £200 towards the cost of your travel and living expenses.

We are unfortunately unable to offer work experience outside of our formal vacation placement scheme.

Training contracts

If you have completed your degree, or are in your final year of a non-law degree or your second year of a law degree, you are eligible to apply for a training contract through our vacation placement scheme.

We would strongly encourage you to apply for a vacation placement as well as a training contract, since a vacation placement will provide you with greater insight into the firm and its activities, and this is when the firm carries out its assessments for training contracts.

As our training contract assessments are held during the vacation placements we cannot guarantee that there will be any remaining training contract vacancies once the vacation placements have taken place.

Rosenblatt’s trainee intake varies from year to year according to the business need but generally we recruit two trainees each year.

The current salary is £35,000 for a first year trainee, increasing to £37,000 in the second year.

During your training contract at Rosenblatt, you will spend six months in four of the firm’s core practice areas. If you express an interest in a particular seat, we will do our best to accommodate your request, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Rosenblatt has a very open culture, so, from day one, you can expect to work alongside all levels of expert legal staff. Our people work closely in teams, so you can be sure that you will be guided and encouraged, aiding your progression within the firm. Our new trainees are assigned a mentor prior to joining who will support them throughout their two year training contract. Additionally, we put our trainees in touch with one another prior to joining so that by the time you arrive you have already developed a helpful network of friendships.

It is often difficult to balance the number of positions on qualification with trainee department preferences. However, we are pleased to have been able to retain 83% of our trainees over the past 12 months.

Application process

The application process for 2016 vacation placements and 2018 training contracts opens on 1 October 2015.

The deadline for both vacation placement and training contract applications is 29th February 2016.

Rosenblatt generally only recruits candidates who hold (or are predicted to achieve) at least a 2:1 university degree (which can be in a subject other than Law), and who have a minimum of 320 UCAS points.

Whilst our minimum requirement is a 2:1 and 320 UCAS points if you have valid mitigating circumstances or feel that your grades are outweighed by exceptional experience in other areas (such as from a former career) we may still consider your application.

We accept applications from graduates in subjects other than law, however, we would strongly encourage you to carry out relevant work experience prior to your application, which provides evidence of your interest in becoming a solicitor and the necessary skills and commercial awareness.

Yes, simply log onto your APPLY4LAW account and attach the required information.

In common with many other law firms, rosenblatt carries out psychometric testing on candidates as part of its graduate recruitment process. The tests, carried out online and in private by the candidate, are designed to assess general aptitude and work style. The tests are used in conjunction with a number of other recruitment tools but provide a useful indicator of predicted performance. Candidate feedback is provided.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide individual feedback for those who do not make it through to the telephone interview stage. However, those that complete any of our further recruitment assessments (including psychometric tests) will be invited to contact our HR Manager for feedback once decisions have been made.

If you have applied in the past, but were not successful, we would only encourage you to apply to us again if you believe that you now offer something additional (such as further work experience or qualifications) to enhance your application.

Unfortunately we will not be running any open days during 2016.

If you require any reasonable adjustments, such as extra time or special equipment for any assessments, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Overseas applicants

We accept trainee applications from foreign educated candidates, provided you are legally entitled to work in the UK and have qualifications at least equivalent to our requirements for UK educated candidates.Please provide details of any examinations completed outside of the UK in the relevant section on the application form.

We accept trainee applications from foreign qualified candidates, provided you are legally entitled to work in the UK and have qualifications at least equivalent to our UK education requirements. You would still be required to complete a full two-year training contract.

Post graduate studies

Depending on when you sat, or intend to sit, the LPC the Firm will either pay the cost of the LPC tuition fees in full or reimburse you a proportion of the LPC fees. Additionally, for those who have not yet completed their LPC at the date of offer, a contribution will be made towards your living expenses. This allowance is currently £6,000 for those living in London and £5,000 for students living elsewhere.

No, it is your choice where you study.

We would recommend that you choose at least two commercial electives and one corporate elective in your LPC.